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Mubarak Awad


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At no time in world history has there been more promise in exposing people to the idea of practicing nonviolence than now. We have witnessed two historical years for nonviolent movements, 1989 and 1990, when millions of people became aware of the power of nonviolence and its potential use in the social and political issues of our times.

Nonviolence International (NI) is a nonprofit organization whose founders want to see awareness and educational momentum continue. The organization seeks to ensure that the wealth of experience of nonviolent activists can be drawn upon as resources in the future. Our purpose is to educate and train people, groups and governments in the practice of nonviolent action for social and political change.

To achieve our goals we envision developing culturally sensitive training programs for trainers in all parts of the world; we intend to offer groups in conflict the services of a core group of conflict resolution and nonviolent action specialists; we will disseminate information on nonviolent alternatives in appropriate forums; and we will offer an annual award to the individual or group exemplifying the potential of nonviolence in a major conflict situation.

The conventional wisdom of the peace movement says that we don’t need new groups working for peace as much as we need the existing groups to work together cooperatively. Well, here we are, introducing ourselves to you as a new organization in the movement. We think we have something special to add, but NI also recognizes the importance of this conventional wisdom, and efforts to build individual and organizational cooperation is a key part of our philosophy.

We encourage you to become part of NI by assisting us in the search for nonviolent solutions to social and political issues. In the column “Projects and Activities” you will find a listing of projects currently underway as well as the name of the volunteer coordinating this project. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and expertise on any issue that interests you. Project updates will be a regular feature of Frontline (a quarterly publication of news and reports from NI).

Even if you are part of another organization involved in the pursuit of peace and social and political justice, we ask that you write to us about your work. We will highlight other organizations’ activities where there is a component of nonviolent action or the desperate need for it.

The strength of nonviolent action rests in the ability of people to recognize and say no to injustices while observing the dignity of all individuals. We hope all our readers will consciously join us in this effort, and we hope that we can join you in standing at the frontlines of the struggle to achieve a better world.

Projects and Activities

Everyone familiar with the practice of nonviolence knows that the power needed to make just and lasting social and political change depends on clearly identifying our relationships with one another and either correcting or strengthening those relationships so that everyone benefits.

The staff of NI believes that our efforts in this process will be meaningful only if we are open to the ideas, advice and wisdom of others who are also committed to nonviolence. Following is a summary of the projects currently underway, which we hope our supporters will become involved with. Space is limited but we will report your comments and suggestions as often as possible.

Booklet Series on Nonviolent Action

This “how-to” series is designed to educate and assist activists in organizing methods of nonviolent action and to understand where specific methods fall in the spectrum of nonviolent action. The booklets also cover related issues in taking social and political action such as consensus decision-making and writing press releases. We are currently compiling and editing booklets on marches, fasting, and tax resistance. Laura Barnitz is coordinating this series.

Advocate for Nonviolent Organizations

NI supports nonviolent struggles around the world through its monthly bulletin, Dateline, which reports the latest news on current campaigns and provides additional information on the history and methods of nonviolent action. While other organizations work on behalf of the human rights of individuals, NI will compliment their efforts by coordinating worldwide support for nonviolent causes working for peace and justice. This new approach toward strengthening the role of nonviolent action is being developed by Philip Bogdonoff. Dateline is available to supporters for a donation of $15US annually.

Book Project

The historic advances in nonviolence in 1989 and 1990 will be highlighted in a book being compiled at NI called Voices from the Frontlines: Conversations with Leaders of Democratic Movements. Essays and interviews from leaders in Czechoslovakia, the Chinese Student Movement, Namibia and Chile will be included. Readers with expertise in the politics or culture of these nations are encouraged to contact Laura Barnitz.

Speakers’ Circuit

To assist activists and organizations interested in effectively informing the American public about issues and nonviolent options to resolve conflicts, NI is coordinating regional speakers’ circuits. Each region will include a list of interest groups for speakers to choose from. NI will provide speakers with maps, public transportation options, lodging options and other assistance. We need contact persons to help coordinate the circuits in each region. If you would like your organization or community included in a circuit, or you would like to be a regional contact person, please write or call Shruti Desai.

Strategists and Nonviolence Trainers

Persons with expertise in conflict resolution, nonviolent action, or the political and cultural history of any region of the world, are asked to contact NI. We hope to build the pool of human resources available to offer skills and support when various individuals and groups seek our assistance. Please send Mubarak Awad a brief description of your experience and availability to work with others. We will keep all support people on file.

For Peace,

Mubarak E. Awad,

Director, Nonviolence International

PO Box 39127, Friendship Station, NW

Washington, DC 20016.

Ph: (202) 244 0951, Fax: (202) 244 6396

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